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Pumpk & Cham and Pai is progressing beautifully! I know, not as fast as you'd like, but progressing nonetheless. So much so that some storyboard animatics of scenes are already completed. Can you see it? NO! Sorry, that was mean. But what you can see are some art of the new scenes we'll be using for the film! Here you see the magnificent art of Monster Mash Mountain and it's city:

On a final note, my annual film festival is open for submissions! Yes, I've failed to mention before, but I am also the co-director of the Soul 4 Reel Film Festival. (I know, I do a lot). We screen everything from live action to animation, anywhere from 30 seconds to an hour! Have some work you'd like screened at our festival in March? Click the logo below to be directed to the site!

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